Neeshcast #5: I Can’t Believe They’d Let You Speak

The Neeshcast is back, and on the radio! Tune into RadioXenu (online or mobile) Wednesday nights from 10pm EST to midnight for your weekly dose of under-the-radar independent (and for the most part, free) tunes!

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My first week on RX I spun:

  1. ††† (Crosses) – “†hholyghs†” *
  2. Night Verses – “From The Shadows Where I’m Low” *
  3. Flannel Channel with Emily Long – “Be The Cause” *
  4. DriftDivision – “Hush”
  5. Dead Unicorn – “Chernobyl” *
  6. Fucktard – “Get Outta My Face” *
  7. Fucktard – “The Cops Are Fucking Little Girls” *
  8. K.Flay – “Life = Trap” *
  9. K.Flay – “2 Weak” *
  10. Brick + Mortar – “Bangs” *
  11. A Great Big Pile of Leaves – “A Few Screws Loose”
  12. Session 606 – “The Celebration of Nothing At All (bonus track)” *
  13. Session 606 – “Division The Conqueror (demo)”
  14. Life As Lions – “On Our Own” *

* = free download
intro by: Jacob Tender

Neeshcast on RadioXenu - Wednesdays 10pm-midnight EST

Join me next week for an episode sparked by Ansith!

>Grab the previous episodes of The Neeshcast


  1. Hey, this is James from Indie Music Promo in Vancouver. I mainly work with rock, alternative and punk acts and would love to send some of my best artists for consideration. Feel free to get in touch! Thanks!

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