Neeshcast #6: The Nights We’d Never Give Away

This week I took a trip down memory lane and celebrated Julys past.

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Neeshcast #6

Between discussion and “interview” clips I spun:

  1. Coheed and Cambria – “2113”
    live at Irving Plaza 7/22/05
  2. Coheed and Cambria – “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”
    live at Irving Plaza 7/22/05
  3. Coheed and Cambria – “Final Cut”
    live at Irving Plaza 7/22/05
  4. 3 – “The Word Is Born of Flame”
    The End is Begun
  5. 3 – “The End Is Begun”
    The End is Begun
  6. Weerd Science – “How To Be A…”
    Friends and Nervous Breakdowns
  7. Weerd Science – “Clap If You ❤ Someone”
    UnRapped at Art To Zen Tattoo 7/25/09
  8. Mours – “Christmas From Hell”
    Neeshland Presents: Butterflies and Butcher Knives vol. I (Hudson Valley, NY) [free download]
  9. Session 606 with Dave Parker – “Pass the Masochist (Into the Heart of Madness)”
    Anorexica EP [free download]
  10. A Scream For The Memory – “Barebones”
    Pop! Goes The No-Wave
  11. Mours – “Sharks In London”
  12. The City Never Sleeps – “Crumble At The Fault”
  13. 3 – “Wrongside”
    Paint By Number
  14. Weerd Science – “Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept”
    UnRapped at Art To Zen Tattoo 7/25/09

Song Clips and Background Music:

  1. Anthony Masington & Josh Eppard – “Exodus 8:25”
    2009 Studio Rough
  2. Porcupine Tree – “Normal”
    Nil Recurring EP
  3. Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast”
    The Number of the Beast
  4. Clams Casino – “Swervin’ (remix)”
    Instrumental Mixtape 2 [free download]
  5. Kaki King – “Neanderthal”
    Legs To Make Us Longer
  6. Pelican – “Untitled”
    The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Flaw
  7. Scorpions – “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
    Love at First Sting
  8. If These Trees Could Talk – “Red Forest”
    Red Forest
  9. Weerd Science – “It’s Only A Matter of Time”
    From The Grave EP [free download]

Media and Links mentioned in Neeshcast #6:

Travelinbeat Bootleg: An Evening With Coheed and Cambria live at Irving Plaza, NYC
The Broken Radio: Weekly Coheed and Cambria Radio ShowCobalt and Calcium: The Coheed and Cambria Fansite


Now that I’ve acknowledged the past, I’m more than ready to move forward and utilize my 2 hour time-slot on Radio Xenu to the fullest. Independent, Underground, DIY, Unsigned music will be the focus of The Neeshcast from here on out. Be sure to join me live Wednesday nights from 10pm to midnight Eastern time. There’s two ways to tune in: online and mobile.

I’m truly excited about this opportunity and grateful that you are here to experience this chapter with me! If you dig something you hear on The Neeshcast, please look up the artist!

Thank you Ansith (by way of APLFisher) & Thon (by way of Travelinbeat) for the inspiration and content. Also, happy birthday TheZachAttack!

Shoutouts to: thefamily3, The Super Posse of Awesomeness, Cobalt and Calcium, The Broken Radio, A Thousand Torches, PPRAE, Coheed and Cambria, 3, Dave Parker, Josh Eppard, Anthony Masington, DJ Dirty Ern, Chris Bittner, Bryan Mills, The City Never Sleeps, Porcupine Tree, Cleofis, Beard, D.J.R., PunkYou, C’Mon and Cheer Me Up, Art To Zen Tattoo, Cornell Street Studios, Salvin, Applehead Recording and Production, Mattrix, Juse One, Billy Riker, Joey Eppard, Joe Stote, Lorren K, Maze Man, Matty Panda, Jess Kilgannon, The Pip Show, The Russ Factor, Radio Xenu, Mriss, Jordyn, Meg Tifft, AmyLizK, Jess Witt, Bruce Willke, Captain Internet, Katie Baconstrips, AJ, Fain, Dankrupt, JustBrandonRX, Zac Shaw, Crip, MiX, Collaptic, HarshingYourMellow, TheRareCreature, Mikey Lach, OwlKristen, Kristy Griffin, RafaDDM, TarMazz, whtuwntfo, Gartdrumm, Gangstroph The Baptist, Daniel Grimsland, DubsChekem, Melody, VonEsper, Sammy Oatts, EJ, IslandFishAJ, CJ Pohlman, Arthur, Eros, Dan Dyer, Rob Kilgannon, Jazmin Lee, Threedom Fighters, WS Rebel Alliance, Jacob Tender, and everyone who’s believed in me along the way!

Neeshcast on Radio Xenu Wednesday Nights

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Oh! I’m addicted to SongPop too! Let’s play! I’m “theneesh”


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